Pushpin identifies $983M in property changes for Cook County, Illinois

Press Release · September 22, 2020 · Minneapolis

Pushpin announced today that it had completed a parcel change detection project for Cook County, Illinois. Pushpin analyzed 522,562 of the county's parcels in 6 weeks. Pushpin found that 28,664 parcels (5%) had property changes between 2016 and 2019. Property changes included additions, construction, decks, flatwork, garages, new homes, pools, and sheds. Pushpin estimated an assessed value increase of $982,621,952 associated with the changes.

Pushpin leverages artificial intelligence plus a workforce of 48 GIS analysts to quickly and accurately identify property changes that affect assessed value. Pushpin charges just 15¢ per parcel and completes most projects in under 4 weeks.

Pushpin is currently executing a record number of change detection projects for cities and counties. Municipalities are leveraging Pushpin's platform to remain productive while many employees are working remotely due to stay-at-home advisories. Pushpin leverages aerial imagery to perform its analysis, so assessors and their staff can review results and update property records without having to go into the office or visit properties in person.

"Pushpin's results have been a game changer for us," said Raymond Gottner, Director of Residential Valuations in the Cook County Assessor's Office. "Keeping our staff safe while efficiently managing their time in the field is a complex balancing act. Pushpin equips us with better information before we even leave our desks. We see a lot of value in their platform in our future work."

"We relish the opportunity to work with tech-forward customers like Cook County. They are leveraging cutting-edge technology to increase accuracy and save money while keeping their staff safe," said Randy Milbert, President, Pushpin. "We are looking forward to working on future projects with Cook County and others within Illinois."

About Cook County Assessor

With a population of 5 million, Cook County is the second-most-populous county in the United States. The county seat, Chicago, is the third-most-populous city in the United States. The Assessor's Office is responsible for setting fair and accurate values for the county's 1.8 million parcels. The office achieves this by leveraging a mass appraisal system and other cutting-edge tools. For more information, please visit https://cookcountyassessor.com.

About Pushpin

Founded in 2015 and based in Minneapolis, Pushpin believes that people and computers intelligently combined can solve difficult mapping challenges better, faster, and cheaper than the alternatives. Pushpin works with tech-forward customers and partners to dramatically increase automation, accelerate workflows, and decrease costs. Pushpin applies patent-pending deep learning algorithms to aerial and satellite imagery to identify parcel changes, extract building footprints, estimate impervious areas, and more. Pushpin has worked with 62 cities and counties in 21 states as well as partners such as CoreLogic, CycloMedia, and Nearmap. For more information, please visit https://pushpin.us.